Essential Water Services Ltd believes in training all employees to the highest standard in order to provide an efficient and professional service to all of our customers. This is achieved through a number of processes involving in-house training and residential training with the Water Training Industry (WTI). The training provided in-house consists of specialist knowledge from partners of the business sought from years of experience and training during their employment with the Local Water Authority. The residential training is accredited to City & Guilds and NVQ standards as detailed below:


  • New Roads & Street works Act 1991 (NRSWA) Levels 1-9
  • Location & avoidance of underground apparatus
  • Signing Lighting & guarding
  • Excavation in Highway
  • Reinstatement & compaction of backfill materials
  • Reinstatement of sub-base & road-base in non-bituminous materials
  • Reinstatement in cold-lay bituminous materials
  • Reinstatement of modular surfaces & concrete footways
  • Backfill & reinstatement of construction layers
  • City & Guilds Service Laying
  • City & Guilds Monitoring Leakage
  • Electronic pipe and leak detection
  • Pressure and flow management
  • Inspection of customers water systems
  • Valve Operations
  • Electricity & fibre optic cable safe working practices
  • Basic Systems Hydraulics
  • Sampling and disinfection
  • Inspection of plumbing systems
  • Practical main laying
  • Trench support & deep excavation
  • Plant operators abrasive wheel
  • Operation and service of Thrust bore
  • Health and Safety briefing
  • Electro-fusion and butt welding

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