External stopcocks

Most properties have an internal stopcock (commonly located under kitchen sink) and an external stopcock (commonly located in footpath), which stop the incoming water supply. It is important to know the location of both of these and for them to be in good working order in case of an emergency. Most water authorities will have records of external stopcock locations but may charge customers for repairs and maintenance of these. Essential Water Services Ltd offers a cost effective and efficient alternative to locate external and renew internal stopcocks if either is inoperable. Other services include installing or renewing a new external stopcock, chamber, frame and cover on customer's property at a specified location. This is especially useful for shared supplies where new external stopcocks can be installed for each house preventing the disruption of the water supply to all the houses on the supply during an emergency burst. External stopcocks can also be used in the process of leak detection where they are installed on various legs of supply pipes to isolate leak positions (more commonly where the supply feeds more than one property or is longer than 50 metres). This service includes stopcocks up to 1" in size; see mains work for stopcocks greater than 1". Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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