Supply pipe repairs

In most cases, the part of the service pipe taking water from the Water Authority stopcock into the house belongs to the property owner. It is the property owner's responsibility to keep the supply pipe in good order in the same way as the internal plumbing in a house. Modern houses have an independent water supply into the property however older properties may have a shared supply pipe for more than one house where the responsibility is then shared.


House A is a modern house with independent supply


House B & C have a shared supply pipe and have joint responsibility for maintenance for any part of the pipe that is shared


Houses D, E & F are terraced houses with a shared supply pipe. They share responsibility for maintenance of the pipe.


With age, ground movement and reaction to certain soil types the existing pipe work may leak under pressure. In some cases this leak will surface in an area on customer's property. Essential Water Services Ltd offers a service to locate (see leak detection service) and repair underground supply pipes using efficient and cost effective methods. This includes a full stock of resources and fittings at hand at any time for use in emergency call outs. Supply pipe repairs cover up to 1" diameter pipes, for services greater than this see mains work. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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